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If you have ever dreamed of a career in sports, now is the time to get involved and grow with us. has openings for Blog Editors and Featured Writers.

Blog Editor

At the heart of each blog is the Blog Editor. This individual is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the blog and for setting the blog’s overall direction.

Specifically the duties of the Blog Editor are:

-write and post blog entries on a consistent basis.  Blog entries can consist of news article and opinion posts, links to articles posted elsewhere on the internet, videos and pictures.
-monitor and edit blog posts and comments by others as required.
-develop a team of bloggers by recruiting Featured Writers.
-promote users who consistently post exceptional blog posts to the status of Featured Writer.
-promote and market their blog.
-use SEO (Search Engine Optimized) headlines and encourage other websites to link back to their blog.

Above all else, we want each Blog Editor to have fun and manage their blog in a manner that best suits them.

Featured Writer

Featured Writers should add value to the blog by posting relevant blog entries that are well written.  Each blog can have numerous Featured Writers who all contribute to the blog.  As well, Featured Writers are not restricted to writing about a single team and may write blog posts that are of league wide interest.

Featured Writers are normally individuals in the community who are considered experts about the team or league the blog covers. This could be other media people (radio announcers, TV colour commentators, etc.), individuals who already write about the team on their own personal blog, or regular fans who closely follow the team.

Blog Editors and Featured Writers will be listed on the masthead page for each blog and their listing can include links to the blogger’s personal Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as other social media websites. In addition, each blogger is given a profile page which includes an author’s bio section and lists all of the blog entries written by that blogger.

If you would like to join our team, let us know by sending an email to Tell us a little bit about yourself, why you would like to join our team, and what blog you would like to become involved with. You can also call us at (905) 708-5268.


How will be different from other blog websites?
Most blogs are written by a single individual with the intent of communicating their views and opinions to others. Our blogs are open community blogs focused on a specific team, league or sport. Blog posts can be written by the Blog Editor, Featured Writers and Registered Users. It is a gathering place for fans to read up on the team, read other user’s opinions and submit their own thoughts and ideas. To our knowledge, no other website covering local sports teams exist in this type of format.

What experience does a Blog Editor or Featured Writer need?
First and foremost, you must be a loyal fan of the team that the blog is covering. Blog Editors and Featured Writers need to be willing to share their knowledge and opinions about the team through their blog posts. They should also have good writing skills, although previous writing or reporting experience is not required.

How many hours per week is the Blog Editor expected to put into the blog?
Anywhere from 5-7 hours per week should result in a successful, well run blog.

Is the Blog Editor or Featured Writer a paid position?
At present, the Blog Editor is paid an annual amount based on ad revenue sharing.  The Featured Writer position is considered a volunteer position at this time.  However, Featured Writers are usually offered the Blog Editor position if it becomes available while they are writing for that blog.

Are there any perks that go along with being a Blog Editor or Featured Writer?
Yes, we will assist each Blog Editor in obtaining a media pass to attend all the home games of the team that the blog covers. Please note that we cannot guarantee that every team will give our Blog Editors a media pass as each team has different policies regarding media passes. Each Blog Editor should work closely with the team that they cover, including attending the majority of the team’s home games. As well, Blog Editors will gain valuable experience in all aspects of managing a media site and will improve their communication and leadership skills. Having the experience of being a Blog Editor or Featured Writer will look great on a resume.

What help can Blog Editors expect to receive?
We provide each Blog Editor with guidelines and suggestions designed to grow the blog and develop it into a thriving community.  We will also set up telephone or Skype meetings with Blog Editors as necessary to assist them in developing their blogs.

How will fans access the blogs?
The homepage displays a listing of all blogs. As well, the homepage displays the latest blog posts from the individual blogs, exposing fans to an assortment of blogs.

How big will grow?
We intend to cover teams throughout Canada and into the United States. As such, our website is being built to literally host thousands of blogs. If you have ever dreamed of a career in sports, now is the time to get involved and grow with us.

How can I apply to become a Blog Editor or Featured Writer?
Let us know you’re interested by sending an email to Tell us a little bit about yourself, why you would like to join our team, and what blog you would like to become involved with. You can also call us at (905) 708-5268.

Available Positions

Blog Editors are needed for the following OHL teams:
Belleville Bulls
Erie Otters
Kitchener Rangers
Mississauga Steelheads
North Bay Battalion
Ottawa 67’s
Plymouth Whalers
Saginaw Spirit
Sarnia Sting
Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds
Sudbury Wolves

Featured Writers are needed for the following blogs:
OHL Blog (All Teams)