RG’s Sutherland Cup Preview

No. 1 Caledonia Pro-Fit Corvairs vs. No. 3 Waterloo Siskins

This was Caledonia’s first season in the GHC, last year they were in the MWC. They started out the season on a 24 game winning streak, which came to an end on November 30 with a 3-2 loss to Welland Canadians.

Caledonia finished the season in first place with 91 points and a record of 45-3-1. There was some controversy with this though. When the season ended on February 23, St. Catharines Falcons had the top spot, but it was determined that they had used 8 imports for 2 games, against Caledonia and Welland. The OHA thus took away the 4 points from St. Catharines and gave them to the 2 teams. With that, Caledonia took the top spot.

In the play-offs, Caledonia swept Port Colborne Pirates 4-0 in the first round, and defeated Thorold Blackhawks 4-1 in the second. In the finals, they faced St. Catharines. They took the Falcons out in 5 games.

Caledonia’s regular season leading scorer was Connor Murphy. He is a 2nd year veteran. He appears to have had a breakout season. He put up 32 goals and 64 assists for 96 points. He only had 46 PIM’s on the season.

This is a link to a story on the GOJHL website on Connor Murphy.


In the play-offs, Murphy is 3rd in team scoring with 6 goals and 13 assists for 19 points and 10 PIM’s.

Cody Brown is another top scorer for Caledonia. In the regular season, he had 38 goals and 55 assists for 93 points and 76 PIM’s. Brown is currently the play-off scoring leader with 11 goals and 13 assists for 24 points and 0 PIM’s.

For defence, clearly their best defenceman is Kyler Nixon. On the blueline, he had 82 points in the regular season with 12 goals and 70 assists. In the play-offs, he’s 2nd in team scoring with 6 goals and 16 assists for 20 points.

Caledonia appeared to ride 1 goalie all season, Colin Furlong. Of 49 games, he played 44, with a record of 40-3-1. His GAA was 2.04 and SV% was 0.927. Although he’s technically sharing it with Curtis D Ortenzio, Furlong won the GHC Best Goals Against Average Award at their banquet.

In the play-offs, Furlong has a 12-2 record, GAA of 1.98 and SV% of 0.930.


Waterloo Siskins finished the regular season in 3rd place in the MWC. They had a record of 34-12-3 for 71 points. They were only 2 points behind 2nd place Elmira Sugar Kings and 6 points back of 1st place Kitchener Dutchmen.

In the play-offs, Waterloo played Guelph Hurricanes in the first round, taking them out in 5 games. In the 2nd round, they played Elmira, which went a full 7 games. Elmira had a 3-1 series lead and the Siskins fought back to take it in 7. In the finals, they played Stratford Cullitons. The series went 6 games. Waterloo had a 3-1 series lead and the Cullitons continued to fight before surrendering in game 6.

Waterloo’s regular season leading scorer was Christian Mroczkowski, who is a 2nd year veteran. This season, he scored 20 goals and 31 assists for 51 points and 39 PIM’s. Mroczkowski appears to have come alive in the play-offs, compared to last year. So far, he has scored 9 goals and 13 assists for 22 points and 42 PIM’s. Clearly, he’s a little more feistier this time of year.

There next leading scorer is Ryan Taylor. In his rookie season, Taylor’s scored 24 goals and 23 assists for 47 points and 6 PIM’s. In the play-offs, he’s got 12 points with 3 goals and 9 assists and 4 PIM’s.

For defence, based on points, which doesn’t actually make someone a top defenceman, are Eric Cimino and Andrew Brubacher. Cimino had 10 goals and 22 assists for 32 points in the regular season with 131 PIM’s, and for play-offs he has 1 goal and 11 assists for 12 points and 36 PIM’s. Brubacher had 7 goals and 21 assists for 28 points and 26 PIM’s. In the play-offs, he has 6 points, all assists, and 8 PIM’s.

For goaltenders, they have Leo Lazarev from Russia, who I have dubbed the crazy Russian because he goes ape shit on the crossbar at the start of each period, and Ryan Hergott.

Lazarev was awarded the MWC Rookie of the Year at their annual banquet in February. He boasts a regular season record of 23-9-2, a GAA of 2.31 and SV% of 0.928. In the play-offs, his record is 12-6, has a GAA of 2.44 and SV% of 0.927.

This is a link to a story on Lazarev on the GOJHL website.


His counter-part, Hergott, had a regular season record of 11-3-1, GAA of 3.16 and SV% of 0.896. He hasn’t gotten much playing time in the play-offs. He’s only record 24:51 min, 4.83 GAA and 0.846 SV%.



Caledonia is clearly a skilled team. Although they were a MWC team last year, I think their players may be comfortable in the GHC and used to the not so competitive hockey teams in their Conference.

Waterloo appears to be a team that won’t go down without a fight. They are going to come out swinging with everything they got.

I’m giving the edge to Caledonia, but I think this series will go a minimum 6 games, if not the full 7.


No. 2 Leamington Flyers vs. No. 4 St. Catharines Falcons


Leamington is the WC Champions. They have been in the league since 1992-93 and this is their first championship.

Leamington finished first in the Conference. They trailed LaSalle Vipers all season and finally caught up to them in the last part of the season. They also gained 2 points from Chatham Maroons after the Maroons were busted for playing 2 games with 8 imports. Those 2 points gained helped the Flyers secure first place.

In the first round of play-offs, the Flyers swept St. Marys Lincolns 4-0 and took out the defending WC Champions and Sutherland Cup Champions London Nationals in 5 games. The most anticipated match-up was in the finals when they took on Chatham. They disposed of the Maroons in 5 games, although it was not an easy feat.

At the January 10 trade deadline, the Flyers lost their leading scorer Kyle Shaw to the Pembroke Lumber Kings of the CCHL. Despite that, the rest of the team stepped up their play.

In the regular season, 4 year veteran Alex Seguin was their leading scorer. He had 20 goals and 36 assists for 56 points and just 30 PIM’s. Seguin is part of their top line with distant cousin Dylan Seguin and Tony Spidalieri. In the regular season, they combined for 143 points and in play-offs they have 39 ponts.

In the games I’ve seen, the Flyers have a solid defence. They are very good at moving the puck around and getting it out of their zone, and keeping it out of their zone. Although they don’t have the points, their top defenceman are Jacob McGhee and Cole Chevalier.

The Flyers have the best goalies in the West, plain and simple. Austyn Roudebush is a 2nd year vet and for the 2nd year in a row, he has received the Conference Roy Caley Award for Lowest Team GAA. In the regular season, his record was 21-4-2, had a 2.27 GAA and 0.918 SV%. In play-offs, his numbers are 8-2, 1.82 GAA, 0.929 SV%.

His partner, Trevor Wheaton, has similar numbers. Wheaton’s regular season record was 16-6, had a 2.49 GAA and 0.911 SV%. His play-off record is 4-0, including the last 2 games against Chatham, has a 0.730 GAA and 0.973 SV%.


St. Catharines finished 2nd in the GHC. They trailed Caledonia all season and they finally caught up to them, and passed them, but due to dressing too many imports for 2 games, they lost 4 points and 1st place. The Falcons had a record of 43-5-1 in the regular season.

In the play-offs, the Falcons swept both Fort Erie Meteors and Welland in 4 games. They took on Caledonia in the finals, for what was their most anticipated match-up. Having lost 1st place due to protests, they wanted to beat the Corvairs on the ice, but couldn’t hold on and lost in 5 games.

Their leading scorer in the regular season was Mark Rodgers. He had 30 goals and 36 assists for 66 points and 35 PIM’s. In the play-offs, Rodgers has just 10 points, 6 goals and 4 assists, and 8 PIM’s.

Yanni Rallis is their 2nd leading scorer. He had 25 goals and 36 assists for 61 points and 41 PIM’s. In the play-offs, he’s got 9 points, 2 goals and 7 assists, with 28 PIM’s.

In the play-offs, their leading scorer is former Chatham Maroon, Brennan Feasey. Feasey has 20 points, 6 goals and 14 assists, with 12 PIM’s. Next is Tommy Barszcz with 19 points, 10 goals and 9 assists, and 18 PIM’s.

From what I’ve read, their top defeceman are Broderick Kelly, Mitch Bursey, and Dillan Walker. Kelly’s numbers in the regular season were 7 goals and 21 assists for 28 points and 24 PIM’s. In the play-offs he’s got 8 points, all assists, and 4 PIM’s. Bursey had 7 goals and 38 assists for 45 points and 117 PIM’s in the regular season, and 6 assists and 31 PIM’s in the play-offs. Walker’s got 8 goals and 47 assists for 55 points and 20 PIM’s in the regular season, and 8 assists and 4 PIM’s in the play-offs.

Their No. 1 goalie is Knick Dawe. In the regular season he had a record of 27-4-0, 2.61 GAA, and 0.916 SV%. His numbers in the play-offs are, 6-3, 1.72 GAA, and 0.940 SV%. His back-up is Jonathon D’Ilario. His numbers in the regular season were 14-1-1, 2.25 GAA, and 0.916 SV%, and 3-1, 1.76 GAA, and 0.941 SV% for the play-offs.



These teams appear to be fairly evenly matched. We have a series with 4 good goaltenders, scoring from all over, and good defencemen.

I can see St. Catharines having issues with the bus ride though. It is approximately a 4 hour ride from St. Catharines to Leamington. The Flyers are used to sitting on a bus for 2-3 hours playing in our Conference. I think the longest that the Falcons have is an hour, possibly more due to crossing the border to play Buffalo Regals.

For that reason alone, I’m taking Leamington in 6 games.

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