Cambridge vs. Listowel

So I decided to make it a 3-fer this weekend and to go out of conference for a game.  I was debating all afternoon whether to go to Cambridge vs. Listowel or Caledonia vs. Niagara Falls.  I chose Cambridge because it’s closer and it’s been about 7 years since I’ve been to the Galt Arena Gardens.  Listowel took the game 4-1 and I just thought I’d share some of my observations/comments.

First, I really liked Listowel’s road sweaters.  I think it might be because they are vintage looking, but they are sharp sweaters.

The game started and it wasn’t too bad, I wasn’t in a great spot to be able to see everything.  They went almost 32 minutes before the first goal when Cyclone Kevin Gergley went up the wing on a breakaway and threw it backhand on the net past WinterHawk goalie Owen Savory.  The Hawks got on the board 40 seconds later when Maxime Lamontagne, aka the flying Frenchman as I’ve read on Twitter, just threw the puck on net and it slid through the 5-hole of Cyclone goalie Tyler Fassl.

The third period was all Listowel.  Defenceman Blake Nichol practically went coast to coast, weaving through the middle, stepped over the blue line, fired it and it was 2-1.  Other goals were from Broedy Karelse and Tim Nauta.

Cambridge was more physical late in the game.  Throwing the body more, which is the type of game I’m used to watching.  Cambridge is a big team, a lot of tall guys.  One that stood out, that I liked, was Lucas Zitmanis.  He laid a few very nice, hard hits, practically steamrolled over a couple.

The Hawks ran into some penalty problems, in my opinion they were discipline issues.  There were a couple times when Listowel was getting a penalty and the Hawks would retaliate, giving up the powerplay they were about to get.  There were a few needless penalties on their behalf.  During the intermissions, I overheard their fans complaining about the refs, but I didn’t think they did that bad of a job.

Overall it was a good game, but I did notice, and it could be because i’s just the start of the season, but the passing was not that great for either team and it made for a bit of a sloppy game.

These are just my thoughts on the game.  What did you think of it?

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