Who was hot and who was not during the month of October in the Western Conference?

It would likely come as no surprise that last year’s Western Conference finalists, the Leamington Flyers and the Chatham Maroons, were the hottest two clubs in the West in October.  The defending Western Conference champion Flyers lead all teams in the West picking up 18 points.  Hot on their tails were the Maroons with 16 points.

The Sarnia Legionnaires hit a little bump in the road.  After starting the season with a 13-0 stretch the Legionnaires dropped three games but still earned 14 points and finished the month in a first place tie with the Flyers.

The London Nationals showed some resurgence in October with 13 points, one more than the Strathroy Rockets.  The Rockets finished September in a tie with St. Marys with just 2 points.

The LaSalle Vipers had a losing month along with Lambton Shores, St. Thomas and St. Marys.

Here is the breakdown of points earned in October:

18 Leamington
16 Chatham
14 Sarnia
13 London
12 Strathroy
08 LaSalle
06 Lambton Shores
05 St. Thomas
02 St. Marys

Taking a quick look at attendance figures, London’s improved play saw immediate dividends at the box office.  The Nats average attendance spiked by 73 fans a game in October.

Even Sarnia’s large crowds saw a significant increase with 59 more fans per game going through the turnstiles.  Sarnia is second in the GOJHL in attendance and first overall in the West in attendance.

Only the Stratford Cullitons with 1338 fans a game average more fans than Sarnia, Chatham, London and LaSalle.

It was nice to see fans in Forest and St. Marys coming to games more often.  Lambton Shores saw an increase of 32 fans a game and St. Marys had an extra 31 fans a game coming to support the Lincolns.

Strathroy and St. Thomas saw the largest decrease in average attendance figures with 57 less fans at the WMMC in Strathroy and 103 less fans at the Timkin Centre in St. Thomas.

Here is a recap of the average attendance figure change for October:

+73 London (664)
+59 Sarnia (1261)
+32 Lambton Shores (280)
+31 St. Marys (248)
+19 Leamington (602)
even Chatham (707)
-4 LaSalle (663)
-57 Strathroy (432)
-103 St. Thomas (460)

Regardless of which team you cheer for be sure to get out and support your local club in November.

David Honsberger

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