Bully Prevention & Awareness Week

This week, November 16-22, is Bully Prevention & Awareness Week.  Last year I wrote a blog piece on my experience of being bullied over Twitter from 2 years ago.  Due to the changes in the format of the blog, I can’t find the link to the original piece, so I’m just posting it again.

When people think of bullying, they think of children and catty little teenage girls.  Bullies are everywhere and of all ages.  I know it may be surprising, but even at the age of 30 I get bullied over social media.  People view me as an easy target because I put myself out there, I tell people my opinions and I don’t back down, I stand up for what I believe in.  They always say that bullies prey on those they see as weak, which is completely true, but they also prey on those that are strong to try and break them down.  Don’t let them break you down.  Stand up for yourself.  And if you’re perceived as a bitch like I am, embrace it and take pride in it because it means that you are strong, independent, have faith in yourself and your beliefs, and you don’t take crap from anyone!


This week, November 17-24, is Bully Awareness and Prevention Week.  I have taken the pledge to end bullying and am encouraging you to as well.

Bullying is a huge problem, especially with the explosion of social media.  People think they can hide behind their computer, or smart phone these days, and attack and ridicule people somewhat anonymously.  You would think this is just an issue for adolescent girls, but it happens to everyone and it happens in the GOJHL.  I am an example of that.

If you are not aware, I am RocketGirl.  I am very passionate about hockey, the Rockets and this league in general.  I am very opinionated and not ashamed to admit it.  I’m also very outspoken, can be pretty obnoxious at a Rockets game, and I usually call it like it is.  Due to my reputation, not everyone agrees with my opinions or how I see things, nor do they need to.  Differences of opinion are what make the world go round.

However, last year I was attacked on Twitter by a 40+ year old man who is a trainer for one of the teams in the Western Conference and his 20-something year old son.  They sent tweets at me about eating cheeseburgers, and yes as harmless as that seems, they were implying that I’m fat and need to eat more.  I tried to let it go and not let it bother me because when people do that to me I think they’re just ignorant and can’t be helped.  I had mentioned it to a few of my friends and they would ask me, ‘why are you putting up with this?’ and I always just shrugged it off.  But then I thought about it and you know what?  Nobody, and I mean absolutely nobody, has the right to treat me, or anyone else, like that.  So I did something about it.

I contacted the team because I felt that they should know what their people are doing.  I showed them the 4 tweets I had received between March and November and that I had done nothing to provoke it or responded in anyway.  The team’s GM took control of the situation and through him I receive an apology, from 1 of them.  I learned later on that the father had blamed the entire thing on his son.  The apology I received fell flat though and wasn’t sincere at all.  It was more of, I’m sorry that I got caught, than, I’m sorry that I did this.

In the end, it was dealt with, but not exactly in the manner that I had hoped for.  I really was hoping that they would get fired because that behaviour is not acceptable and I don’t think teams should have staff that behave in that manner.  Considering these individuals are still with this team, I feel that their management have basically condoned their actions, but I am glad to say that it hasn’t happened from them since.

If you’re being bullied, you need to stand up for yourself.  It’s always said that bullies pick on those that they perceive to be weak.  Don’t be weak anymore, be strong for yourself.  Sign the pledge at www.ThePledgeToEndBullying.ca

And if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at s_rockets@hotmail.com

You all know that I am a die-hard Rockets fan, but I am also a die-hard GOJHL fan, having been watching Jr. B hockey since I was 10 years old. I will only watch the GOJHL and during the hockey season, you never know what arena RG is gonna show up at. I'm bringing you the games, news, and updates of the GOJHL. RG is on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TheRocketGirl16 and you can find me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/TheRocketGirl16 If you hear of anything about any of the teams in the GOJHL, or have questions about anything, feel free to post it. If I don't know the answer, I know how to find it.

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  1. muffman

    November 17, 2014 at 11:12 am

    Well said, Rocket Girl…Nobody has to put up will Bull crap.

    It was nice to see you in Waterloo and I see your team beat the Maroons also..Congratulations. Hope to see you again..


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