On Saturday, November 22 at the West Middlesex Memorial Centre in Strathroy a check from behind was delivered by Lambton Shores Predator #16 Drew Marlatt on Strathroy Rocket #16 Eddy Schulz.  Referees Kyle Mellor and Pete Bowen did not immediately make a call resulting in the Strathroy Rockets taking retribution into their own hands.

Rockets defenseman #5 Nick Whitworth sought out Marlatt.  Predator defenseman and former Rocket #21 Brent Hammett came to his teammate’s defense forcing Rocket forward #7 Jack Kilgour to even up the bout.

After the dust settled Whitworth was sent to the showers with an instigator minor and a game misconduct for fighting.  Protagonist Marlatt was finally issued a major penalty for a check from behind, a fighting major and two game misconducts.  Kilgour and Hammett were tagged with second fight same stoppage of play ejections.

Hammett, Marlatt and Kilgour will be suspended for two games while Whitworth will be forced to sit out a game.

It appeared as if other penalties were ignored on the play.  Should have Hammett been tagged as third man in and Kilgour as fourth?  Should removing of helmet penalties been also called?  Was it a sign of compassion on the part of the refs to keep the penalties and suspensions to a minimum after not calling the check from behind which may have prevented the dust-up?

David Honsberger

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  1. Welland fan

    December 2, 2014 at 1:15 am

    I’m glad the kid from Lambton Shores got pummeled. The only was he’ll learn.

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