Player Profile – Eddie Schulz #16 Strathroy Rockets

Name: Eddie Schulz

Date of Birth: April 19, 1998

Home Town: Erin, Ontario

Position: Forward

Nickname(s): Schulzy

Parents and/or billet parents: Doug & Andrea Schulz and Paul & Laurie Van Dyk

Siblings and/or billet siblings: Joey & Jessica and Brandon & Roo (Andrew)

School: Strathroy District Collegiate Institute

Twitter: @Schultzy_11

1. Favourite NHL team

Toronto Maple Leafs

2. When did you start playing hockey?  Who’s your inspiration to keep playing?

I started playing hockey at 4 on the outdoor rink, but I was 6 when I joined an organized league.  I keep going, and want to go as far as I can because it’s been my dream.  I’ve always wanted to be a hockey player.  I also do it for my family.  They’ve all given up a lot so I can follow my dream and I owe it to them.  Even now, my parents come down to Strathroy every week to see me.

3. Were you drafted to the OHL and by which team?  What year were you drafted?

I was drafted this year, chosen in the 5th round and 89th overall by the Peterborough Petes.

This is an interview of Eddie with the Petes.



4. Besides your home rink, what’s your favourite arena to travel to? Why?

I like playing in London because of the bigger ice.  I also like going to Sarnia because with their fans, mixed with our fans, the arena is buzzing and it gets you excited for the games.

5. What team do you love playing against? Why?

It’s great playing against Sarnia and Chatham.  The games are so intense that the atmosphere in the arenas are great and it just gets you fired up for it.

6. Besides hockey, do you play any other sports?

When I was younger I played lacrosse and baseball, but I gave them both up to focus on my hockey career.

7. What do you like to do outside of the rink?

The guys that are in Strathroy, we go to the gym as often as we can.  We also head into London to go to the movies, dinner, bowling, whatever we can to relax and just hang out as a team.

8. Favourite pre-game meal

My billet Mom Laurie makes the best pre-game meal.  It’s a pasta dish with mushrooms, green peppers, ground beef.  I also have a salad and some veggies.

9. Favourite hockey memory

I have 3 great memories so far.

1. My minor peewee team went to Quebec

2. Being drafted by the Petes

3. Making the Strathroy Rockets

10. Everyone wants to win the Sutherland Cup, so besides that, what are your personal goals for the season?

I just want to be better than when I came.  I’m finding it to be a tough transition to Jr. hockey, but I feel I’m figuring it out.

I hope when the season is done that I’m stronger, better than when I got here, and that I go up rather than down.

11. Are there any areas of your game that you need to improve on?

I need to shoot the puck more.  I find that I’m always looking to make the pass rather than take the shot.  I also need to work on my foot work and have faster feet on the ice.

12. As a rookie in Jr. hockey and the GOJHL, what do you look for from your vets?

I’m really fortunate to have a great group of veteran players here.  As I said, the transition has been a little tough, but it helps me when they relate to what I’m going through.  Their shared experiences are what I value.  When I’m struggling or down on myself, it means more to me when they come to me and say, ‘Eddie, we’ve all been there before, we’ve all gotten through it, and you’ll get through this.’

13. Strathroy is a community owned team, how important is it to get involved in the community? 

It’s extremely important.  We need to be there for our fans, just like they’re here for us every game.  Having the fans at the games, hearing the cowbells and them cheering, it gets us going.  Rocket fans are the best fans in the Conference and I feel that if we don’t do our part, then we have failed them.

14. What made you come to Strathroy and why do you love playing for them?  What makes you proud to be apart of this organization?

I chose to come to Strathroy because it’s a small town, like my hometown.  I also heard some great things about the organization from Cole Mayo and their development of players and player movement to higher levels speaks for itself.

The organization has been great and everybody is fantastic here.  Everybody works hard to make sure that we’re all taken care of.  Also, this is my first time being away from home and my billets, the Van Dyk’s, have really helped me in the transition.

I love being a Rocket.  I could have chosen a team closer to home, but I wanted to have fun playing hockey this year and I don’t regret my decision at all.


RG Note: This has been my favourite interview to conduct this year.  He might be 16, but Eddie is a very well spoken young man, and very intelligent.  I know that he’s going to make the Pete’s next year and he’s going to do great in his hockey career.

You all know that I am a die-hard Rockets fan, but I am also a die-hard GOJHL fan, having been watching Jr. B hockey since I was 10 years old. I will only watch the GOJHL and during the hockey season, you never know what arena RG is gonna show up at. I'm bringing you the games, news, and updates of the GOJHL. RG is on Facebook at and you can find me on Twitter at If you hear of anything about any of the teams in the GOJHL, or have questions about anything, feel free to post it. If I don't know the answer, I know how to find it.

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