Player Profile – Anthony Guido #20 Waterloo Siskins

Name: Anthony Guido

Date of Birth: July 15, 1994

Home Town: Lively, Ontario

Position: Forward

Nickname: Guids

Parents: Gerry & Anita Guido

Siblings: Johnny

Work: BDC Irrigation

Twitter: @anthonyguido20

1. Who do you model your game after? Why?

Scott Stephens.  He’s defensively sound and likes to hit.

2. When did you start playing hockey?  Who’s your inspiration to keep playing?

I started playing when I was 3.  I keep playing for my family and for the boys on the squad.

3. How many years have you been with this team, or in the league?

This is my 4th year in the GOJHL.  I spent the first 3 years with Cambridge Winter Hawks.

4. Besides your home rink, what’s your favourite arena to travel to? Why?

I like playing in Listowel.  It’s a small barn and they have a good atmosphere.

5. What team do you love playing against? Why?

I love playing against my old team, Cambridge.

6. What type of player are you? Goal scorer, grinder, enforcer, agitator, etc.

I think I’m a defensive forward.  I make simple plays and I play the body.

7. Favourite pre-game meal

Pasta and chicken

8. Favourite hockey memory

Winning the Cherrey Cup in 2012.

9. Everyone wants to win the Sutherland Cup, so besides that, what are your personal goals for the season?

I just want to be the best hockey player that I can be.

10. Are there any areas of your game that you need to improve on?

I need to work on everything, my hands, my feet, all of it.

11. Are you a leader with your team?  How do you try to guide the team?

I try to be vocal on the bench, be a positive influence for the boys and just be the one to step up when called upon.

12. Talk about your team.  Why do you love playing for them?  What makes you proud to be apart of this organization?

Waterloo is a fantastic organization to be apart of.  I feel great that I can finish my Jr. career as a Siskin.  We’re a family in the dressing room and you can’t ask for anything else.


* Photo Credit: Dan Hickling

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