Player Profile – Dan Black #1 St. Thomas Stars

Name: Dan Black

Date of Birth: March 14, 1996

Home Town: St. Thomas, Ontario

Position: Goalie

Nickname(s): Blacky, Black-Attack

Parents: Rob & Tammy

Siblings: Tom, Christine & Colleen

School: Western University

Work: Future Pro Goalie School

Twitter: @dblacks34

1. When did you start playing hockey? 

I started playing when I was 6.  I started out as a forward and when I was 8 I made the switch to a goalie.  I wasn’t a fast skater and whenever I played road hockey I was always the goalie, so it was an easy transition.

2. Who’s your inspiration to keep playing?

My grandfather.  He played when he was younger and I want to pursue my hockey career as far as I can for him.

3. How many years have you been with this team, or in the league?

This is technically my first season in the GOJHL.  I dressed as back-up and played a few games for the Strathroy Rockets last season when they only had 1 goalie and needed someone.

4. Besides your home rink, what’s your favourite arena to travel to? Why?

I like going to Chatham.  They have that great hockey environment and their fans chirps are great to keep you in the games.

5. What team do you love playing against? Why?

I haven’t gotten to play in very many games this season, but I got to play against Chatham and when you play a team of that calibre, you get to see where you stand.  I would love to get to play against London.

6. What team do you hate playing against? Why?

It’s tough playing against Sarnia.  They’re an offensively skilled team and even if they’re behind in the game, they’re never down and out.

7. Favourite pre-game meal

On home game nights, I eat at Boston Pizza.  I usually have chicken parmesan with fettuccini alfredo and caesar salad.

8. Pre-game rituals/superstitions

If I’ve played well, I wear the same tie.  During the games, I don’t look at the clock.  I can usually see it peripherally, but I don’t look directly at it.

9. Favourite hockey memory

When I played major bantam with the Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs, we won the Alliance Championship over Sun County.

10. Everyone wants to win the Sutherland Cup, so besides that, what are your personal goals for the season?

I just want to play my best and hopefully earn a D1 scholarship.  I want to be able to play at the highest level possible.

11. Are there any areas of your game that you need to improve on?

I need to focus on staying up and playing bigger.  I’m a small goalie and I never want an excuse to be that I’m too small.

12. As you’re a first-year player, what do you look for from your vets?  How has working with Nik Dampier helped you?

The vets on the team have been great.  We all have a great relationship on and off the ice.  They’re great to be able to talk to.  Damps, I just follow his example.  He’s a consistent goalie, which is one of the most important qualities for this position.

13. How important is it to get involved in the community?  How do you try to get involved in the community and to get them excited about your team?

As I stated, I do a lot of volunteering in our community.  I work with 5 or 6 different minor hockey teams.  I work with their goalies, help their coaches, just help in any way that I can.  It’s important to help them along and keep them interested in the game because they’re our future.

Our promotions rep, Andrew Buttigieg does a great job.  He’s always coming up with ideas to get the team out and about in the City of St. Thomas, such as our canned food drive, bagging groceries, and the toy drive.  It’s important that we get out there so that our fans see us helping out and will get them to come support us.

14. Talk about your team.  Why do you love playing for them?  What makes you proud to be apart of this organization?

I had some reservations about playing for the Stars, but it’s my home town.  The coaching staff has given me the opportunity to play, which I’m grateful for.

Our coach, Ron Horvat, and GM, Joe Daniels, know how to pick the right players for our team.  We’re not necessary the most skilled players, but we’re the right mix of players for our team and our dressing room.


Photo Credit: Dan Hickling

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