At a match played at Chatham Memorial Arena on February 8, 2015 between the visiting Strathroy Rockets and the Chatham Maroons. Plenty to look at on this one. Only two minor penalties called, a roughing penalty to Maroon Connor McKinnon #2 and a goaltender interference call to Rocket Mark MacAulay #27. Where these the right calls? Should have different penalties been called? The Rocket goal was not allowed on the play. Should have it stood? Did you hear a whistle?

David Honsberger

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  1. RocketGirl

    February 11, 2015 at 3:44 pm

    I wasn’t at this game, so I didn’t see it actually happen, I’m going off this video.

    McKinnon hauled Macaulay down, and while he was on his way down he made contact with Patterson, so I’m not sure how you can call that goaltender interference. Also, Patterson didn’t even have the puck, he was already on it’s way to the corner after Vokes shot attempt. Morgan definitely should have received something for the extra tap on Macaulay.

    And I don’t hear a whistle that would have indicated that the play was dead.

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