Strathroy Rockets GM, Dan Gibson, Resigns

Dan Gibson, Strathroy GM, Resigns

by C. Scott Holland

Every hockey organization has its GM and throughout the course of each season it is he whose workload is the greatest.

It is not an easy job to manage, let alone do it for more than a decade, yet that is exactly the length of time Dan Gibson has served with the Strathroy Rockets Jr B organization.  So when the news hit that Gibson was resigning from his position, the many staff and volunteers of the Rockets were stunned.

It will certainly be a difficult job replacing him.

Gibson has risen from a junior hockey player to become a coach, GM, director of hockey operations and a mentor, as well as a father and family man.

Juggling a job, a family and a Jr. B hockey team is no easy feat. Hectic schedules and situations are constant. Off season down time is still hockey-driven – it’s about filling the roster with necessary players and making sure the organization is moving forward in the correct direction.

The decision to step down from the Rockets was a difficult one but his legacy remains. Dan took the team down a path and built it into “one with extensive scouting and development staff” and upon leaving the organization, sees it as being held in high regard. The Strathroy organization is noted within the OHA as being one of the top most professionally operated both on and off the ice.

After spending “16 years in the GOJHL and well over 700 bus trips,” Gibson said, “It seems as if time has stood still, yet I have seen many players come and go. It is my hope that I and the organization have had a positive effect on these players’ lives.”

As he further noted, “Every time a player graduates, I reflect back on the team’s mission statement to be sure we have done our duty in their development.”

Work commitments and watching his daughters grow are the integral reasons he resigned.  His knowledge of the game within the GOJHL and OHA may allow him to become an occasional advisor in the future.

He hopes that the organization will continue to prosper and become better. As his philosophy goes “Difficult doesn’t mean impossible, it just means hard work.”  In the meantime he’ll wear the Rockets’ logo proudly and be able to stand back and enjoy the game he has loved for so many years.

Gibson leaves Strathroy (2005/06-2014/15) with a record of 497 regular season games, 291 wins, 161 losses, 19 overtime losses and 23 shootout losses. Twice during that span the Rockets finished regular season in first-place and another four times were a top four team.

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