Sutherland Cup and Wild Card

The wild card for the 2015 Sutherland Cup Play-Offs will be determined tonight.

This is where the teams stand right now:


Leamington 14 11 3 0.786 52 23 0.693
LaSalle 14 9 5 0.643 49 41 0.544
Elmira 13 12 1 0.923 60 29 0.674
Stratford 15 9 6 0.600 54 46 0.540
Caledonia 14 12 2 0.857 79 25 0.760
St. Catharines 15 9 6 0.600 60 37 0.619



The seeding for the Sutherland Cup is based on the play-off win percentages.  To calculate win percentages, it’s total wins divided by total games played.  For LaSalle, it’s 9/14.  In the regular season, you get 1/2 a win for an OTL or SOL.  As most have figured out by now, Pointstreak still tracks OTL in play-offs, which is wrong.

So, based on this, Elmira will be No. 1 and Caledonia No. 2.  Whoever wins the West will be No. 3.

For the wild card, it’s the loser with the best win percentage.  Right now, LaSalle has the best win percentage, because they’ve played 1 less game than Stratford and St. Catharines.  IF, and this is a big if, LaSalle wins tonight’s game in Leamington, and forces a game 6, the Vipers will be the wild card.  If they lose tonight’s game, then all 3 Conference finalists will have the exact same record, at 9-6 and a win percentage of 0.600 and it will come down to goal differential.

As you see, I’ve been tracking that as well.  Goal differential is total goals for divided goals for plus goals against [GF/(GF+GA)], that’s the official formula used by the OHA.  If it comes down to goal differential, St. Catharines is the wild card, again.  You may recall that they won the wild card last year based on goal differential.

So this makes tonight’s game super important and I expect it will be a packed house in the Heinz Arena.  I will be there, but I’m going to miss the first period.


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