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In my last article I mentioned that Buffalo was forced to fold for this season, but that not a lot of information was available.  I have now found more information, courtesy of The Junior Hockey News Death Pool Blog.




Ok kids, some times in life, and in hockey, things just don’t make any sense.  The Buffalo Regals being forced to go dark for the second season in a row is just one of those things.

Sure they didn’t play last year because they couldn’t fill a roster.  But this year was completely different.

Head Coach Brian Becker worked his ass off all spring and summer to assemble his roster.  Twenty two players signed and twenty of them were American born.  Yep, that’s more than enough to compete and still leave a little room to pick up a late cut or mid season cut from Tier II.

Sounds like smart planning to huh kids?

Know what wasn’t so smart?  The Regals Owner forgetting to submit his reinstatement paperwork to USA Hockey in time for the June approvals.

Even though the team had proof that the owner was physically unable to get the paperwork in, when the coaches found out, it was way too late.  Turns out they only got notice of the lack of reinstatement last week.  But within 48 hours the paperwork was in to USA Hockey.

Too little, too late.

Because the missed the deadline, USAH took the by the book approach and did not sanction the team for this season.

What happens now?  Well it aint all rosy kids.  While the coach has gotten several players tryouts on other GOJHL teams, and those eligible to return to AAA are doing so, several players are going to hang up the skates!  Talk about a travesty!

What does it say about the system when an exception cant be made in order to save a team?  What does it say about the system when not saving a team results in young people leaving the game?  Now I am not blaming USA Hockey completely here because the owner should have known the paperwork had to be submitted at some point.  But when kids leave the game with their last memory of it being that the team was forced to go dark, the impact of that wont just be for one season.

Stay tuned kids, we got more on the way.


Although it is a tragedy that Buffalo is forced to fold again, and I understand his point about USAH bending the rules to accommodate the Regals, but rules are rules.  Organizations like the OHA and USAH have rules for a reason and if they bend them for 1 team, then they have to do it for all and then what’s the point in having the rules in the first place?

I feel bad for the players that they already signed, but this is the Regals fault.  I put the onus on their organization in knowing what forms need to be submitted and by what dates, and making sure that they are done, so they can proceed with the season.  They can’t blame anyone but themselves for missing a crucial document in order to ensure that they could return to the GOJHL this season.

You all know that I am a die-hard Rockets fan, but I am also a die-hard GOJHL fan, having been watching Jr. B hockey since I was 10 years old. I will only watch the GOJHL and during the hockey season, you never know what arena RG is gonna show up at. I'm bringing you the games, news, and updates of the GOJHL. RG is on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TheRocketGirl16 and you can find me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/TheRocketGirl16 If you hear of anything about any of the teams in the GOJHL, or have questions about anything, feel free to post it. If I don't know the answer, I know how to find it.

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  1. David Honsberger

    David Honsberger

    August 24, 2015 at 4:46 pm

    It certainly seems like one of those rare times when an exception could and should have been made. The GOJHL even had all of Buffalo’s games scheduled for the season. A very sad thing for everyone concerned.

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