Major Pointstreak Problems – The Operators and the System
– by C. Scott Holland

While I know how easy it is to make mistakes on the Pointstreak scoring system, there are many inadequacies with it too.

So far in this early GOJHL season quite a number of horrendous errors are occurring. Many are simply because the person operating the PS system does not have a full knowledge of junior hockey rules and regulations.

As a fine example of what has been going on – in a recent contest where Stratford played at Kitchener, Dutchmen player is handed a head checking call at 7:12 of the third period. That call also carries a 10 minute misconduct with it. So it is entered into the PS system in the following manner:

Kitchener – Taite Wirschke – (Head Contact) (CTH), 2 MIN, 7:12
Kitchener – Nathan Grossi – (Head Contact) (Misconduct) (M71), 10 MIN, 7:12

But wait! Either the person serving the minor is wrong one or the person serving the 10 M is wrong. What may have happened is that the scorekeeper accidently entered a player listed below or above the other – or entered the person who was serving the penalty. One of the players obviously is getting unnecessary penalty minutes added to his stats.

The most common type of PS errors though are ones in which special teams goals are not marked. The PS operator should be aware of all penalty or shorthanded situations throughout each game. But quite often there is a failure to designate a players powerplay or shorthanded tally as such.

If in doubt of a penalty call one should always check with the referees in between periods or after a game.

Sometimes no shots for a period are entered and this can affect a goaltender’s save percentage.
Many of us wonder why Pointstreak doesn’t have some pretty simple things. Too many men per side or ineligible players/coaches can easily be entered and not noticed. Why isn’t there a prompt or pop-up warning to indicate such errors?

Or how can one be penalized and received a point when a goal has been scored – yes, it has actually happened! Again, couldn’t a simple prompt cure the error?

As for the powerplay and shorthanded goals – shouldn’t this system be able to tell if a goal is such and thereby indicate it is such without the operator having to manually enter it?

Others indicators like obtaining three stick penalties or a second misconduct or major misconduct could easily be flagged with a pop-up box as well.

In general, the Pointstreak system is only as good as its operators and creators. It is fairly easy if one knows the proper penalty calls and codes and has a good knowledge of the game, yet so many improvements would help the system and perhaps enable PS to be used by more leagues.

The GOJHL’s West Conference has utilized this system for a decade now and while some minor improvements have been implemented, it still could offer much better tools for use in the leagues like the GOJHL. Until then I guess we’ll all have to wait until the administrators rectify the obvious errors and keep things in proper perspective.

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  1. hockeyisjrb

    September 24, 2015 at 2:06 pm

    I have done pointstreak for 4 yrs now and have repeated suggestion having a real inperson training session for those doing pointstreak and have been told by more than one GOJHL executive that “no its not necessary”.

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