Phantom Points – by C. Scott Holland

The GOJHL may soon be clarifying its post-game procedure of teams correcting goals and assists.

In a recent contest at Leamington the opposing team corrected a goal during the post-game procedure and a single fan who later looked at Pointstreak was appalled at what he saw.

At the time the goal was scored the refs said that it was an unassisted powerplay goal which was absolutely correct.

As the fan noted (and certainly the press box crew, including myself and about 860 other fans as well) that during a powerplay a player knocked the puck down on a clearing attempt by a defenseman. This play was in right corner and after corralling the puck the player went in alone and scored the goal.

During the post-game corrections procedure whereby the Pointstreak operators hand the “unfinalized game sheet” to each team’s GM for corrections, if any, the opposing team just simply added assists in every available open spot on their side of the scoresheet.

Now I have witnessed many things in hockey, including players scoring goals and getting assists while sitting on the bench but I had never witnessed one player providing such a superb, single effort and then having “helpers” added.

So the fan was absolutely correct. No assists should have been awarded. Even the Pointstreak operator was a bit taken back when the two players were added for assists on that goal.

Furthermore the refs did make the right call on the goal. This move simply makes them look bad as well.

In a way this mocks the product the GOJHL is presenting. If someone has a legitimate concern over who scored goals and assists then perhaps it should go to “video” and analyzed by an unbiased independent source or panel.

My suggestion is to simply do away with this post-game procedure because today there is Fast Hockey and other videos in each arena. Someone (independently and unbiasedly) should be able to verify all goals scored and their assists.

I have seen padding done far too often with teams that are “getting” their better players extra points.

Remember back in 2009/10 the Josh McQuade (Brantford) debacle? He was an extremely talented player but the Pointstreak operator decided to give him some extra points on goals where an extra assist could be added. The GOJHL doesn’t need this kind of stuff going on either by PS operators, game officials or GMs.

Anyone who saw that goal in Leamington would agree there should not have been two extra assists tagged onto it.
I have no problem with changing goals if it is warranted. But I have seen too many teams simply add assists where none are warranted.

So by currently looking at the stats of the top 25 scorers, ask yourself, how many of those players have really earned all their points? Probably quite a few would have considerably less if true points were awarded by video.

I know that often officials do not get the right scorers 100% of the time.

Personally I like the OHL’s old method whereby the ref just calls up the goal scorer and that is changed only if a video review confirms that the player in fact did not score it. In each press box sit two unbiased people whose sole job is to jot the numbers of players making passes for each team. These impartial people determine any assists that are given and check with video to confirm them.

Perhaps either this or a video method is needed to ensure the integrity of the GOJHL games.

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  1. muffman

    October 16, 2015 at 2:25 pm

    I agree with you completely. I’ve been a follower of the Siskins since the late 1960’s & I was on the executive board in the 1980’s for 9 years.

    I’ve seen many times when the games sheets have been padded to give players who were in the race for league scoring. I think like you said there should be a unbiased person who videos the games.

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