A Look At: Leamington Flyers’ Forward Cale Phibbs by C. Scott Holland

One of the reasons why the Leamington Flyers have vaulted into the West Conference lead is because of forward Cale Phibbs.

The 5’11” Phibbs has already generated a career high, personal best of 8 goals in this young 2015/16 campaign and is currently tied with Mark Gangnon for the team lead in goals scored.

He signed with the to the Flyers after playing with the Wheatley Jr. C Sharks in 2013/14 and minor midget with the Sun County Panthers in 2011/12 before that.

In this, his sophomore season, the 19 year-old Phibbs, who attends the University of Windsor, puts his education first. “I finish my school work before hockey and study when the Flyers’ when I go on road trips,” he says. With priorities like that, it’s amazing he still finds the time to play golf and help the Flyers out in their many special events throughout the season.

His hometown rink (Leamington’s) HIghbury Canco is his favourite in which to play a contest and notes, “its large ice surface gives you lots of room to make plays happen.”

And like many others around the league, the 170 lbs. forward finds it difficult to adjust to Strathroy’s West Middlesex Memorial Arena. “Being one of the smallest (rinks), play is often congested there,” he says.

The highlights of his hockey career are the championships – one OMHA title in 2007 and being with the Leamington Flyers in 2014/15 when they won the West Conference playoff title.

His work ethic is high. “I work as hard as I can night in and night out” and his skills are definitely shining brightly this season. But despite putting in a good, honest effort, he feels his game can be improved. “I need to make quicker decisions and be more physical,” he admits.

Wherever he winds up in the future, he wants nothing more than having a highly successful career in the field of human kinetics and becoming a parent. For now though, he’s satisfied with the road he’s on and perhaps one that might take to another championship.

(Photo credit:  Colleen Wiendels Photography)

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