GOJHL Teams In Giving Spirit For Holidays – by C. Scott Holland 

Throughout the entire 26 team GOJHL there is an abundance of generosity. For many teams it is an attribute which goes back years and has become tradition while for others, new ideas have been implemented for the cause of giving to those who are in the most need at this time of year.

Nearly every team has an annual Teddy Bear Toss and the multitude of stuffed animals gathered go to local Toys For Tots programs across the southern half of Ontario. And it is not only the bears that are given, but actual toys which are donated to needy families. As a fundraiser the teddy bear toss has remained in fashion even with many rinks having netting around them while in others like Leamington’s Highbury Canco arena,  bears flood the ice at one specially designated  game each December.

Kudos are extended to teams who have went further to support Food Banks, the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle and other community programs like the Goodfellows Christmas hampers.

But the GOJHL’s teams have gone even further in recent years. The Sarnia Legionnaires are one of the many teams who now have a Woolly Toss gathering socks, hats, scarves, gloves and boots to help many homeless and young children brave the severity of winter weather.

In some cases such items are gathered and given to area schools where young children often come without these items of clothing or lose them in the playground or anywhere along their travels. Having gloves or hats handy to give to youngsters is as vital as they are to the many homeless who seek shelters.

Everywhere we look there is a an ample amount of generosity from the GOJHL from food to toys, time and money. It all helps make our world a better place not only for us but for those who really need it. Christmas may come but once a year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t give at other times of the year. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year by making someone else’s much brighter  No matter what team you support, please give because it is giving that is the real gift.

(photo credit – C. Scott Holland, Highbury Canco Arena, Leamington)


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