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Week 2 Results

Here are the week #2 Results as provided by Kim Bell:


Grantham Optimist Baseball 2014

Week of June 2nd – June 5th 



Marlins 15 vs Athletics 11

Timbits Marlins Top Hitters:Adalyn Angle, Micheal Duyn, Mila Grundy, Roan Harrison, Sawyer Klassen.

Timbits Athletics Top Hitters:Jared Weibe, Meg Krause, Emerson Wood, Kylie Krause, Walter Betts.


Red Sox 11 vs Tigers 10 

Timbits Red Sox Top Hittters:Liam Gracey, Brenden Koziej, Rachel Moyer, Carter Rennie, Bella Stradwich.

Timbits Tigers Top Hitters:Gage DiFranco, Harlow O`Connell, Haley Pennington, Matteo Totolo, Olivia Wilson.


Blue Jays 15 vs Yankees 14

Timbits Blue Jays Top Hitters:Nolan Isaak, Brooklyn Isaak, Abygail Kocis, Jaxx Kocis, Declan McDonough.

Timbits Yankees Top Hitters:Nora Campbell, Mathew Cox, Kaydence Meyer, Chase Rorison, Hailey Spano.


Orioles 10 vs Giants 10

Timbits Orioles Top Hitters:Erika Adamo, Eliott Calcott, Mason Dearborn, Parker Huisman, Evan Wilson.

Timbits Giants Top Hitters:Sophia Dobrovolski, Simon Dobrovolski, Madelyn Horton, Ethan Maheu, Ian David Mitchell.




Athletics 8 vs Marlins 6 


EM-Cor Electric Athletics Top Hitters:Hailey Walters, Evelyn Anzik, Justin McDonald, Aiden Johnston, Vanessa Sneyd.

Lancaster Brooks & Welch LLP Marlins Top Hitters:Braiden Von Arep, Jack Dolan, Wesley Wiens, Olivia Wiens, Chad Bermuhler.


Royals 5 vs Blue Jays 3

Sunrise Cafe Royals Top Hitters:Victoria Ives, Cassandra Robinson, Emma DÀloisio, Jaclyn Ball, Emma Bernard.

Castle Plumbing and Heating Blue Jays Top Hitters:Adian Klassen, Shenal Mclean, Logan Mandlex, Benjamin Mazzolino, Dean Nadeau.


White Sox 8 vs Cards 4 

Colby Custom Fabrication Co. Ltd White Sox Top Hitters:Andrew Ramos, Kaitlyn Leigh, Cole Lewis,  Riley Campbell, Hayley Sanderson.

Bob Martens Royal LePage Cards Top Hitters:Sarah Wilson, Sydney Randall, Justin McDonald, Jackson Leclerc, Bella Jehan.




Lions 11 vs Cards 9 

M & M Meats 4th Ave Lions Top Hitters:Easton Jones 2 singles, Ben Julien double, single, Gavyn Ford triple, single , Donovan Losier single, double, Aydan Wilcox single.

JC Auto Cardinals Top Hitters:Max Dobrowolski single, double, Colby Bergsma triple, single, Drew Timlock double, single, Jared Woodward 2 singles, double, Seth Johnson triple.


Athletics 14 vs Blue Jays 9 


Braley Winton Financial Group Athletics Top Hitters:Wilen Brown single, Jase Lunn single, Trenton Martin Erwin single, Conner Rempel 2 singles, Charley Berube single, double.

Christie Cassidy Coldwell Banker Blue Jays Top Hitters:Zachery Alcott single, Riley Cassidy double,  Austin Shaver single, Eli Rutherford single, Carter Morency double.



Marlins 19 vs Orioles 10 


Latcham Marine Marlins Top Hitters:Dashawn Griffin triple, double, single, Cole Engemann single, homerun, Brendan Newbold 2 doubles, Andres Alarcon single, double.

Niagaran Orchard & Vineyards Corp Orioles Top Hitters:Jason Daniel triple, single, Spencer Blanchette 2 single, triple, Wyatt Muzyka double, Will Holmes single, Ethan Thompson 2 singles.


Mets 20 vs Pirates 19

Fulton Steel Mets Top Hitters:Justin Dobbelsteyn 2 singles, Matthew Taylor single, double, Tyler Swartz single, double, Johnny Koppers 3 singles, Noah Sabourin triple, single.

St. Catharines Factory Outlet Flea Market Pirates Top Hitters:Luke Etherington single, double, Peter Cheala double, single, Daulton Rutherford double, Griffen Mason double, single.


Rangers 15 vs Red Sox 10

KC Autoparts Inc Rangers Top Hitters:Josh Biega 2 singles, Mitch Miotto 2 doubles, Steven Pharand triple, Joeseph Nimako homerun, Chris Dumas single.

Niagara Industrial Supplies Red Sox Top Hitters:Ethan Tyler triple, single, homerun, Isaiah Dyck homerun, Malcolm Mombella triple, single, double, Owen Finn double, single, Dylan Vanleevwen double.




Novice Girls

Dolphins 10 vs Marlins 10

Gigante Paving Dolphins Top Hitters:Emma Montreuil homerun, single, Sabrina King 2 singles, double, Sophia Beaudry double, Kayley Richardson triple single, Emma Lenson single, triple.

Burtnik Printing Marlins Top Hitters:Samantha Devries double, triple, Hayley Rempel single, double, Michaela Richards triple, single, Serena Bruce triple, Victoria Balyk double.


Braves 15 vs Orioles 8

Spirit Wear Braves Top Hittters:Paige Schilstra 2 single, double, Macey Sheldon 2 singles, Georgia Kruck single, double, Makenna Smith single, double, Brin Schat 2 singles.

Pete’s Pizza Orioles Top Hitters:Haleigh Randall single, double, Katelyne Sachvie single, Sarah Bland single, triple, Brittany Daley triple, single, double, Makyla Verbeek single, double.


       Bantam Girls

Rangers 19 vs Cards 9

SPK Automotive Rangers Top Hitters:Leanne Collison 2 doubles, 2 singles, Heather Bowman triple, single, Courtney Taylor 2 singles, Victoria Zacher triple, 2 singles, Tracey Bruce double, 2 singles.

Tree Amigos Landscaping Inc Cards Top Hitters:Vanessa Hemphill 2 singles, double, Emily Voordouw 3 singles, Carly Calabrese double, Amanda Balyk 3 singles, Caitlin Peters 3 singles.

Eagles 18 vs Dodgers 10

Tattoo Place Eagles Top Hitters:Rebekah Holmes 4 singles, Sophie Oprzedek 3 singles, double, Renee Boyce single, double, homerun, Sarah Cutting 2 singles, double, Fallon Taylor-Kanary single, double.

NHW Construction Dodgers Top Hitters:Alex Townsley 2 singles, double, Courtney Rendell 2 singles, Rylee Taylor triple, Nicole Thiessen 2 doubles, single, Kylie Rendell double, single.



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