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Grantham Optimist Baseball 2014

Week of June 16th- June 19th




Red Sox 8 vs Giants 5

Timbits Red Sox Top Hitters:Rhys McNeil, Liam Gracey, Brenden Koziej, Bella Stradwick, Jack Millar.

Timbits Giants Top Hitters:Sophia Dobrouloski, Joe Gorman, Simon Dobrouloski, Madelyn Horton, Callium McDonald


Yankees 9 vs Marlins 8

Timbits Yankees Top Hitters:Ruthie Rix, Matthew Cox, Aaralyn Warren, Hailey Spano, Nora Campbell.

Timbits Marlins Top Hitters:Sawyer Klassen, Roan Harrison, Mikey Duyn, Adalyn Angle, Mila Grundy.

Blue Jays 10 vs Orioles 10 

Timbits Blue Jays Top Hitters:Chris Crowe, Jaxx Kocis, Taylor Hearn, Nolan Isaak, Abby Kocis.

Timbits Orioles Top Hittters:Erika Adamo, Evan Wilson, Addison Lyon, Parker Huisman, Mason Dearborn.


White Sox 1 vs Athletics 0


Colby Custom Fabrication Co. Ltd White Sox Top Hitters:Owen Lewis single, Hayley Sanderson single, Sydney May double, John Engel single, Riley Campbell single.

EM-Cor Electric Athletics Top Hitters:Aiden Johnston single, Justin McDonald single, Trevor Taylor single, Abby Fleming single, Landon House single.



Athletics 19 vs Cards 11

Braley Winton Financial Group Athletics Top Hitters:Charles Braley single, double, Miqdad Valji single, Charley Berube double, Jarvis Easingwood single, double, Cameron Bland triple.

JC Auto Cardinals Top Hitters:Seth Johnson triple, Bella Bouvier triple, Thomas Davidson triple, double, Brecken Bergsma double, Braeden, Janzen single.

Blue Jays 16 vs Lions 10

Christie Cassidy Coldwell Banker Blue Jays Top Hitters:Austin Shaver single, Zacharee Alcott double, Morgan Kwan 2 singles, Nicholas Constantini triple, single, Tycen White single, double.

M & M Meats 4th Ave Lions Top Hitters:Aidan Schonewille single, Donovan Losier single, Tate Brodacki single, Iain Gordon single, Gavyn Ford single.


Rangers 20 vs Orioles 3

KC Autoparts Inc Rangers Top Hitters:Wyatt Disher triple, single, Teagan Taylor-Kanary double, single, Hunter Young single, triple, Malcolm Mambella 2 singles, triple, Spencer Hudspith single, double.

Niagara Orchard & Vineyards Corp Orioles Top Hitters:Wyatt Muzyko double, Taylor Hillebrand double, Nigel Haughton single, Jason Daniel single, Warren Buck single.


Red Sox 12 vs Mets 7 

Niagara Industrial Supplies Red Sox Top Hitters:Mitch Miotta 2 singles, Jack Petrunick 2 singles, Delaney Jensen double, Gage Doucette 2 singles, Chris Dumas single.

Fulton Steel Mets Top Hitters:Davin Voordouw single, double, Cameron Green single, Tyler Swartz single, Will Handley single, Nick Kubreikis single.

Marlins 8 vs Pirates 3 


Latcham Marine Marlins Top Hitters:Cameron Morrison double, Brendan Newbold 3 singles, Matt Franko double, Braydon Newman single, Curtis Vlaar single.

St. Catharines Factory Outlet Flea Market Pirates Top Hitters:Tyler Lucas double, Ben Etherington double, Daulton Rutherford double, Jake Gastyn single, Peter Chesla single.


Novice Girls

Dolphins 11 vs Orioles 9 

Gigante Paving Dolphins Top Hitters:Emma Lenson 3 singles, Emma Montreuil 2 singles, Molly Newlands 2 singles, Katie Newlands 2 singles, Elizabeth McGill 2 singles.

Pete’s Pizza Orioles Top Hitters:Makayla Verbeek 2 singles, Delilah Smithson single, double, Sarah Bland 2 singles, Katelynn Sachvie single, triple, Willow Kiaser 2 singles.

Angels 9 vs Braves 8 

Nu – Craft Window & Door Co. Angels Top Hitters:Hayley Rempel double, triple, Taylor Moyer triple, Brooklyn Passos triple, double, Ashley Allen single, Bethany Gordon triple.

Spirit Wear Braves Top Hitters:Makennna Smith  double, Georgia Kruck triple, 2 doubles, Madison Rizyla 2 singles, Stephanie Vlaar double, Ireland Turner single.


Bantam Boys

Blue Jays 14 vs Tigers 7 


MTC Bin Rental Blue Jays Top Hitters:Cody Bartolini double, Erik Vanyo single, double, Sean Thiessen single, Damian Chorozy single, triple, Bradley Shoei single. Tigers Top Hitters:Matt Montreuil single, double, Robert Dreyer single, double, Shayna Mercier single, Carter Vahrmeyer single, Liam Porteous single.

Red Sox 10 vs A’s 8 

Canadian Tire Gas Bar Glendale Ave Red Sox Top Hitters:Tristan Vermolen single, Matthew Anderson single, double, James Simpson 2 singles, double, Micheal Taylor 2 singles, Matthew Johnston 3 singles.

Permanent Windows & Doors A’s Top Hitters:Adam Lewczynski 2 singles, Joel Lewczynski triple, double, single, Christian Konieczny 2 singles, Michael Bruce single, Mathew Bruce single. 



       Bantam Girls

Rangers 23 vs Dodgers 12

SPK Automotive Rangers Top Hitters:Erin Schilstra single, Emily Stradman single, Leah Schilstra single, Sam Bowman 2 triples, single, Brittany Scheers double, single.

NHW Construction Dodgers Top Hitters:Kylie Rendell 2 singles, double, Rachel Birdsey double, Nicole Thiessen 2 singles, Rylee Taylor double, single, Courtney Rendell triple, single.

Eagles 13 vs Cards 7 

Tattoo Place Eagles Top Hitters:Sophie Oprezdek 3 singles, Nicole Pilote double, single, Brittany Riediger 2 singles, Desiree Vermolen 2 singles, double, Rebekah Holmes 3 singles.

Tree Amigos Landscaping Inc Cards Top Hitters:Carly Calabrese homerun, 3 singles, Emily Voordouw 3 singles, Vanessa Hemphill double, 2 singles, Sarah Thomas 3 singles, Taylor Lirette 2 singles.


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