Grantham Optimist Baseball 2014

Week of  July 14 – July 17


Red Sox 15 vs Marlins 15

Timbits Red Sox Top Hitters:Liam Gracey, Jane Gretsinger, Rachael Moyer, Brenden Koziej, Bella Stadwich.

Timbits Marlins Top Hitters:Keiran Mota, Bennett Angle, Adalyn Angle, Jack Boyd, Mila Grundy.

Blue Jays 14 vs Athletics 13

Timbits Blue Jays Top Hitters:Chris Crowe, Taylor Hearn, Declan McDonaugh, Noah Mazzdino, Aby Kocis.

Timbits Athletic Top Hitters:Natalie Saunders, Kylie Krause, Meg Krause, Landon Balanowski, Dane Nault.




White Sox 12 vs Marlins 9

Colby Custom Fabrication Co. Ltd White Sox Top Hitters:Tyler Ramos 2 doubles, single, John Engel 3 singles, Cole Lewis 2 singles, Owen Lewis 2 singles, Andrew Ramos double, single. 

Lancaster Brooks & Welch LLP Marlins Top Hitters:Carlie Harrison 3 singles, Braedon Mota 3 singles, Braiden Von Anrep single, Wesley Wiens double, Hannah Hollingsworth single.


Royals 6 vs Athletics 6

Sunrise Cafe Royals Top Hitters:Emma Dialosi single, Cassie Robinison single, Kennedy Rythnen double, Emme Barnard double, Dominic Suppan single.

EM-Cor Electric Athletics Top Hitters:Grace Dunn 2 singles, Layla Allen single, Evelyn Anzik single, Justin McDonald 2 singles, Gwen Anzik 2 singles.


Cards 11 vs Blue Jays 4 

Bob Martens Royal LePage Cards Top Hitters:Jackson Leclerc triple, Charles Easingwwod double, Mickile Valji double, Tyler Kudrekis single.

Castle Plumbing and Heating Blue Jays Top Hitters:Ethan Pennington triple, Savannah Dewberry triple, Adian Klassen double, Shenae Maclean single.



Athletics 12 vs Blue Jays 8 

Braley Winton Financial Group Athletics Top Hitters:Charles Braley 2 singles, Jarvis Easingwood double, Connor Rempel 2 homeruns, double, Wilem Brown double, Connor Crossfield single.

Christie Cassidy Coldwell Banker Blue Jays Top Hitters:Elijah Cosby single, Carter Morency single, Austin Shaver single, Harrison Kwan triple, Riley Cassidy single.

Cardinals 12 vs Lions 7 

JC Auto Cardinals Top Hitters:Drew Timlock single, Seth Johnson 3 triples, Colby Bergsma triple, double, Jordan Doucette single, double, Ryder Klassen single.

M & M Meats 4th Ave Lions Top Hitters:Ben Julien triple, Iain Gordon double, Gavyn Ford triple, Donovan Loiser triple, Cole Legrand single, double.




Marlins 11 vs Red Sox 6 


Latcham Marine Marlins Top Hitters:Jackson Dunn 2 singles, Cole Engleman double, Daniel Alarcon single, Dashawn Griffin triple, Peter Frantangelo homerun.

Niagara Industrial Supplies Red Sox Top Hitters:Zachary Beaudry single, Chris Dumas triple, 2 singles, Matthew Baarda 2 singles, Jack Petrunick single, Ben Janzen 2 singles.


Rangers 15 vs Mets 6

KC Autoparts Inc Rangers Top Hitters:Ethan Tyler double, homerun, Wyatt Disher double, Dylan Vanleeuwen 2 singles, Brandon Stroud 2 singles, Spencer Hudspith double, single. 

Fulton Steel Mets Top Hitters:NoahSabourin 2 singles, Jon Koppers 2 singles, Tyler Swartz single, Micheal Payne 2 singles, Nick Kubisheskie single.

Pirates 19 vs Orioles 9 

St. Catharines Factory Outlet Flea Market Pirates Top Hitters:Daulton Rutherford 2 singles, Ethan Ruthven 2 singles, Connor Johnson single, triple, Ben Etherington 2 doubles, Luke Etherington double, triple.

Niagara Orchard & Vineyards Corp Orioles Top Hitters:Taylor Hildebrand triple, Matthew Shaver single, Owen Spiece single, Sean Davidson single, Andrew Barry double, single.

Bantam Boys

Tigers 8 vs A’s 3

limosnigara.com Tigers Top Hitters:Caelen Steadman double, Matt Montreuil double, Max Vahrmeyer single, Kevin Girard triple, Owen Larue single.

Permanent Windows & Doors A’s Top Hitters:Christian Konieczny single, Adam Lewczynski 2 singles, Mack Munday single, Miguel Vila single, Micheal Bruce double.

Red Sox 14 vs Blue Jays 6 

Canadian Tire Gas Bar Glendale Ave Red Sox Top Hitters:Chris Anderson single, Micheal Taylor 2 singles, James Simpson single, triple, Matt Anderson 2 singles, Josh Dvais single.

MTC Bin Rental Blue Jays Top Hitters:Zach Anderson single, Spencer Scholtens single, Daimon Chorozy triple, Cameron Van Stralen single, Cullen Lampman single.


       Bantam Girls

Dodgers 14 vs Rangers 13

NHW Construction Dodgers Top Hitters:Kylie Rendell single, Courtney Rendell homerun, 2 doubles, Nicole Thiessen single, Claire Evans 2 singles, Alex Townsley homerun.

Tattoo Place Eagles Top Hitters:Kimi Pollard single, Kristen Boccia single, Renee Boyce double, Sarah Cutting double, Sophie Oprzedek double.



Rangers 22 vs Cards 8

SPK Automotive Rangers Top Hitters:Courtney Taylor 2 singles, double, Sarah Scheers 3 singles, Madison Willick 2 doubles, Erin Schilstra single, homerun, Leanne Collison homerun, double.

Tree Amigos Landscaping Inc Cards Top Hitters:Amanda Balyk 2 singles, Brandi Gifford double, Chantelle Balanowski 2 singles, Emily Voordouw 2 singles, Nicole Richardson 2 singles

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