Grantham Optimist Baseball 2014

Week of July 21-July24th


Athletics 15 vs Marlins 15

Timbits Athletics Top Hitters:Meg Krause, Landon Balowski, Koltan Mayer, Kylie Krause, Walter Betts.

Timbits Marlins Top Hitters:Bennett Angle, Adalyn Angle, Mila Grundy, Owen Stewart, Sawyer Klassen.

Tigers 5 vs Red Sox 0 

Timbits Tigers Top Hitters:Nico Mandley, Molly Turner, Gage DiFranco, Olivia Wilson ,Christian Thompson.

Timbits Red Sox Top Hitters:Jane Gretzinger, Rachael Moyer, Brenden Koziej, Bella Stradwick, Jack Millar.

Giants 10 vs Orioles 9

Timbits Giants Top Hitters:Ian Mitchell, Ethan Maheu, Joeseph Gorman, Kaylee Paquin, Madelyn Horton.

Timbits Orioles Top Hittters:Zachary Pocknell, Addison Lyon, Mason Dearborn, Elliiot Calcott, Evan Wilson.


Cards 11 vs Royals 7

Bob Martens Royal LePage Cards Top Hitters:Evan Boisvert single, double, Sarah Wilson 2 singles, Sydney Randell double, single, Cooper Rorison 2 singles, double, Jackson Leclerc 2 singles, double.

Sunrise Cafe Royals Top Hitters:Dominic Suppan 2 singles, Aaron Geortzen 3 singles, Georgie Ball 2 singles, Kennedy Ruthven single, double, single, Cassie Robinson 2 singles.

White Sox 5 vs Athletics 2

Colby Custom Fabrication Co. Ltd White Sox Top Hitters:Abby Sanderson 2 singles, Cole Lewis single, Owen Lewis single, Haley Sanderson single, Brock Watson single.

EM-Cor Electric Athletics Top Hitters:Abigayle Fleming 2 singles, Hailey Walters single, double, Duke Asadoorian single, Hailey Jacques single, Grace Dunn 2 singles.

Marlins 13 vs Blue Jays 1 

Lancaster Brooks & Welch LLP Marlins Top Hitters:Olivia Weins 3 singles, Owen Millar 2 singles, double, Braedon Mota 3 singles, Braiden Von Anrep single, double, single, Dylan Kempt single, double.

Castle Plumbing and Heating Blue Jays Top Hitters:Ethan Pennington single, Austin Sigourh single, Lucas Brides 2 singles, Nick Difranco single, Khloe Woishyn single.



Rain Out Make Up Game

June 24th

Cards 11 vs Athletics 5

Bob Martens Royal LePage Cards Top Hitters:Mikaeel Valji single, Sarah Wilson double, single, Cooper Rorison 2 doubles, Payne Husiman 2 doubles, ingle, Charles Easingwooddouble, single.

EM-Cor Electric Athletics Top Hitters:Layla Allen 2 singles, Grace Dunn 2 singles, Justin McDonald 3 singles, Hailey Walters 2 singles.

Royals 11 vs Marlins 2

Sunrise Cafe Royals Top Hitters:Victoria Ives single, Aaron Geortzen 2 singles, Georgie Ball 3 singles, Dominic Suppan 3 singles, Cassie Robinson 3 singles.

Lancaster Brooks & Welch LLP Marlins Top Hitters:Carlie Harrison single, Braedon Mota single, Madison Hollingsworth single, Braiden VonAnrep single, Wesley Wiens double.

Cards 4 Vs Marlins 3

Bob Martens Royal LePage Cards Top Hitters:Payne Husiman double, Charles Easingwood single, double, Owen Chesebrough 2 doubles, Serena Bedrosian double, single, Sarah Wilson single.

Lancaster Brooks & Welch LLP Marlins Top Hitters:Dylan Kempt triple, Benjamin Osowiec double, Braiden Von Anrep double, Roan Harrison single, double, George Osowiec double.

White Sox 12 vs Blue Jays 1

Colby Custom Fabrication Co. Ltd White Sox Top Hitters:Brock Watson 2 singles, Owen Lewis double, Keegan Myer single, double, Tyler Ramos 3 doubles, Riley Campbell 3 singles.

Castle Plumbing and Heating Blue Jays Top Hitters:Shenoe Maclean triple, Owen Page double, Khloe Woiceshyn triple, Samantha Booth triple, double, Savannah Dewberry double.

Royals 5 vs White Sox 3

Sunrise Cafe Royals Top Hitters:Cameron Mitchell 2 singles, Victoria Ives 2 singles, Emma Bernardo 2 singles, Dominic Suppan 2 singles, Georgie Ball 2 singles.

Colby Custom Fabrication Co. Ltd White Sox Top Hitters:Cole Lewis 2 singles, Sydney May 2 singles, Owen Lewis 2 singles, Kaitlin Myers 2 singles, Zoi Kanakis single.

Athletics 7 vs Blue Jays 2

EM-Cor Electric Athletics Top Hitters:Hailey Walters double, single, Aiden Johnston double, Abigayle Flemmings double, single, Garce Dunn 2 doubles, Layla Allen triple, single.

Castle Plumbing and Heating Blue Jays Top Hitters:Ethan Pennington double, Khloe Woiceshyn single, Mika Difranco double, Madeleine Gordon double, Shenae Maclean double.


Athletics 15 vs Lions 13 

Braley Winton Financial Group Athletics Top Hitters:Jase Lunn 2 singles, Charles Braley 2 singles, Connor Rempel single, triple, Kevin Hearn double, Connor Crossfield single.

M & M Meats 4th Ave Lions Top Hitters:Braeden Jones double, Jacob Vahrmeyer 2 singles, Tate Brodacki single, Aydan Wilcox double, Gavyn Ford single.

Blue Jays 11 vs Cards 11

Christie Cassidy Coldwell Banker Blue Jays Top Hitters:Liam May triple, Eli Rutherford triple, double, Elijah Cosby single, Thomas Harte double, triple, Carter Morency double.

JC Auto Cardinals Top Hitters:Jack Clout triple, Max Dobrowolski triple, Seth Johnson triple, single, Ryder Klassen

triple, Colby Bergsma single.


Rangers 23 vs Orioles 3

KC Autoparts Inc Rangers Top Hitters:Isaiah Dyck triple, double, single, Ethan Tyler triple, 2 homeruns, Teagan Taylor-Kanary homerun, single, double, Hunter Young 2 singles, homerun.

Niagara Orchard & Vineyards Corp Orioles Top Hitters:Andrew Barry homerun, single, Will Holmes single, Daulton Howe single, Wyatt Muzyka single, Jake Mason single.

Red Sox 18 vs Mets 9 

Niagara Industrial Supplies Red Sox Top Hitters:Mitchell Miotto single, Keegan Alcott single, Jack Petrunick double, Chris Dumas double, Gage Doucette double.

Fulton Steel Mets Top Hitters:Jon Koppers triple, single, Noah Sabourin triple, Conner Chesebrough 2 triples, Matthew Taylor single, Tyler Swartz single, double.

Pirates 20 vs Marlins 13

St. Catharines Factory Outlet Flea Market Pirates Top Hitters:Matthew Cernacca single, Connor Johnston 2 triples, single, Nick Balyk homerun, Luke Etherington double, Peter Chesla triple, single.

Latcham Marine Marlins Top Hitters:Brendan Newbold 2 singles, Curtis Vlarr double, single, Cole Engemann homerun, triple, James Dunn 2 singles, Marcus Woodward single.


Rain Out Make Up

 July 7th

Marlins 20 vs Orioles 13

Latcham Marine Marlins Top Hitters:Brendand Newbold 2 homeruns, Cole Engleman homerun, Cameron Morrisson triple, Nigel Radick 2 doubles, James Dunn double.

Niagara Orchard & Vineyards Corp Orioles Top Hitters:Will Holmes triple, double, single, Jake Mason double, Matthew Shaver triple, double, Jason Daniel triple, Taylor Hildebrandt single, triple.

Novice Girls

Rain Out Make Up Game 

July 9th

Marlins 12 vs Dolphins 11

Burtnik Printing Marlins Top Hitters:Bethany Gordon single, double, Elisa Davis single, Micheala Richards 2 singles, Serena Bruce 2 singles, Victoria Balyk double, single.

Gigante Paving Dolphins Top Hitters:Katie Newlands 2 singles, Emma Lenson double, 2 singles, Emma Montreuil 3 singles, Molly Newlands 2 singles, Jessie Hendricks single, homerun.

Orioles 10 vs Braves 10

Pete’s Pizza OriolesTop Hitters:Alanna Cutting 2 singles, Makyla Verbeek 2 singles, Sarah Bland 2 singles, Alyssa Mozzoni 3 singles, Olivia Morey triple.

Spirit Wear Braves Top Hitters:Briana Allen 2 singles, Haley Sheldon 3 singles, Alyssa Vahrmeyer 2 singles, Macey Sheldon 3 singles, Ireland Turner 4 singles.

Novice Girls 

Rain Out Make Up Game

July 16th

Orioles 17 vs Angels 8

Pete’s Pizza OriolesTop Hitters:Olivia Morey 2 triples, Alyssa Mozzoni 2 singles, Sarah Bland double, triple, Alanna Cutting single, double, Emma Casburn single.

Nu – Craft Window & Door Co. Angels Top Hitters:Victoria Balyk single, double, Bethany Gordon double, Elisa Davis single, Katrina Devries single, Abby Roison triple.

Dolphins 15 vs Braves 14

Gigante Paving Dolphins Top Hitters:Molly Newlands 3 singles, Claire Wilson 2 singles, Emma Lenson double, Kayley Richardson 2 singles, Elizabeth McGill single.

Spirit Wear Braves Top Hitters:Ireland Turner 2 singles, Madison Ruzylo single, Georgio Kruck homerun, 2 singles, double, Sophie Pilot 4 singles, Brin Schat 2 singles.

Bantam Boys

Blue Jays 8 vs A’s 7  


MTC Bin Rental Blue Jays Top Hitters:Kyle Thiesen double, single, Wes Couture-Burke 3 single, Sean Thiesen double, single, Zach Anderson single, Spencer Scholtens single.

Permanent Windows & Doors A’s Top Hitters:Miguel Vila single, Mack Munday 3 doubles, Loel Lewczynski 2 singles, triple, Christian Konieczny single, Adam Lewczynski triple, double.


Tigers 10 vs Red Sox 2 

limosnigara.com Tigers Top Hitters:Scott Riva double, single, Peter McPhail double, Jack Davis triple, homerun, Bryan Dowd 3 singles, Owen LaRue single.

Canadian Tire Gas Bar Glendale Ave Red Sox Top Hitters:Chris Anderson double, Griffin Pogacnik double, Tristen Vermolen homerun, Sam Warkentin 2 doubles, Josh Davis single.

Bantam Girls

Rangers 24 vs Eagles 8

SPK Automotive Rangers Top Hitters:Meg Schilstra double, Courtney Taylor triple, Erin Schilstra homerun, triple, Meg Sawatsky single, Sam Bowman 2 singles.

Tattoo Place Eagles Top Hitters:Nicole Boccia single, Kristen Boccia double, Renee Boyce single, Sarah Cutting double, single, Samantha Grigg single.

Cards 15 vs Dodgers 5


Tree Amigos Landscaping Inc Cards Top Hitters:Taylor Lirette 2 singles, Nicole Richardson double, single, Julie Rodwell 3 singles, Vanessa Hemphill single, double, Amanda Balyk 2 singles, double.

NHW Construction Dodgers Top Hitters:Kristin Kurowski 3 single, Mercedes Macmillion single, Ally Fox single, double, Kiera Townsley 3 singles, Mackenzie Bell 2 singles.


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